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. >>> made in america, david muir takes us to meet the workers who just created the first smart phone made here at home. their new ideas and their promise that america is back. >> made in america! >>> good evening. today we all stopped to watch an incredible human drama in a cleveland courtroom. a tiny woman, a survivor, summoning the powering strength to stare down the man who had abused her for 11 years. when she finished in the bizarre turn, the kidnapper blamed his victims and insisted he was not a monster. he was somehow misunderstood. abc's alex perez takes us through the stunning showdown. >> reporter: she was his first victim, enduring 11 long years of abuse and torture. today michelle knight stood tall hugged those around her and faced down the man who held her captive. >> day turned into night, night turned into day. years turned into eternity. i knew nobody cared about me. he told me that my family didn't care. >> reporter: knight was 21 years old when castro lured her in with promises of a puppy for her son. amanda berry 16 when she was abducted. today she's 27. gina dejesus wa
with nature could help you get a good night's sleep a stern warning from america's cup after actor tom cruise took a spin on the bay. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll show what you weather changes are coming up straight ahead. >> thank you. >> and michael finney checks out a classic american car is that making a >>> sky 7 shows firefighters tackling a brush fire this afternoon starting about 3:00 )y and winds spread so quickly authorities should down willow pass road during response this, is just across the street from the sea cal power plant at 10th street. the plant was never in danger. a new study in oakland found a whooping cough shot for adults are not always enough to prevent outbreaks. the booster was found to be effective only 53% to 64% of the time. researchers say it points to the fact a new vaccine is needed to prevent the outbreaks becoming more common these days. one of the america cup teams is in hot water for letting actor tom cruise and his son steer one of the racing boats. void vido released of them on board but it turns out guests have been banned on board since a deadly zment ma
the air space for the america's cup and that authority and raised concern from our office and well can we expand this beyond the america's cup event when we fielded so many emails and calls of concern boo the nuisance and visual distraction and with drivers and bicyclists and the pollution by the advertisers and to protect the distinctive appearance of the city so i have actually passed out also amendments to this legislation which i would like to make today and it's really just on the findings as brought forward to us by the city attorney's office changing the findings that we had introduced last week and then i will be making a request that we continue this item a week. the city attorney's office has spent a great deal of time reaching out to the faa to get clear guidance in terms of what the city and county of san francisco can do. they're kind of mixed outcomes of what we have seen when cities like honolulu and huntington beach have tried these restrictions so we want an understanding and the office is interested in this legislation and banning the aerial signs in the city but we wa
solutions in a wide range of industries. >> andan we do for you? now, "bbc world news america." london, i'm from kathy k. the u.s. issues a global travel same al qaedathe threats that will close many american embassies on sunday. iran gets ready for an rouhani.tion of a son -- afghanistan's most first -- first female airplane pilot. >> welcome to our viewers. today the united states issued a global travel alert, citing an al qaeda threat. promptingsame thread the state department to close 21 of its embassies and consulates this sunday, mainly in the muslim world. according to officials, the challenge a potential terrorism is greatest in the middle east and north africa. unrest continues to rattle that region. i spoke with michael singer, a former director of middle east affairs at the white house national security council. you have been in the room when these decisions are made. what is it, the alert of this nature? >> as a government you have information that comes across the radar, which is serious and credible. you are under an obligation to share it publicly. it seems like
america, job growth slows, hourly earnings shrink. part time positions rise. what is behind the trends and what do they mean for the fed and your money? >>> frozen out. not even the rise in part time jobs is helping teenagers much. they can't find work and that is putting pressure on retailers. >> and know your options, when insurance won't cover your long-term care needs, what are the alternatives? we'll tackle that as we wrap up the series how to navigate long-term care. that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for friday, august 2nd. >>> good evening everyone. american businesses weren't it was supported to show 183,000 new jobs were added. it didn't. only 162,000 people got jobs, the slowest month since march. the numbers for may and june were revised down. hampton pearson takes a closer look behind the numbers. the reason why the jobless rate is lower and the troubling trends in the market. >>> economiests say factors with employers adding just 162,000 workers to payroll, and a downward division of 26,000 jobs from the government for the pref warehou -- previous two mont
, and dealing with assistance to those in america, the richest country on the face of the earth, who are going hungry, a large number of whom are children who live in america. the committee on agriculture passed out a bipartisan bill in the last congress and it was never brought before my republican friends. this year the committee also passed out a bipartisan bill that was brought to this floor. it could have and should have been passed with a bipartisan vote. not because i agreed with all of it, but because it was appropriate to have a bill to go to conference with on this important subject. our republican friends added three amendments which we harmful to clearly those in need in america. as a result, we didn't vote for it, but that's not why it failed, mr. speaker. it failed because 62 republicans voted against the bill reported out with every republican voting in committee for it. one was mr. lucas, the chairman of the committee observed, it apparently wasn't good enough for those 62 republicans. compromise seems very difficult for some people in this house. but i again remind us all it
and educational outreach for biz kids is provided by a coalition of america's credit unions, where people are worth more than money. a complete list of individual credit union funders is available at >> every day, america's credit unions help members with their financial needs and with programs like invest in america. it's only fitting that credit unions support biz kids because financial education is what we do. learn more at >> it's time for america's fastest growing game show! >> wheel of misfortune! >> our contestant today is mr. david jenkins! dave here is an employee with the extreme boards and sports shop. seems like you've done your share of spinning already, haven't you, dave? >> uh... >> great!
>> this is bbc world news america. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu,newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. >> andan we do for you? now, "bbc world news america." london, i'm from kathy k. the u.s. issues a global travel same al qaedathe threats that will close many american embassies on sunday. iran gets ready for an rouhani.tion of a son -- afghanistan's most first -- first female airplane pilot. >> welcome to our viewers. today the united states issued a global travel alert, citing an al qaeda threat. promptingsame thread the state department to close 21 of its embassies and consulates this sunday, mainly in the muslim world. according to officials, the challenge a po
of north america because we had made our aggressive push in the renewable energy, particularly in solar. (applause) >> thank you. and we want other cities to win that title as well. we're not satisfied being the only city in north america that earns that title. we want other cities to earn that as well because that will up the competition, and we like competition in this area. we also passed a business tax exclusion for clean tech firms in our city. we've taken advantage of our position as being in the center for business and innovation to become a hub for international clean tech firm. our historic strength and our city has been in finance, and, so, solar firm are moving here to san francisco to be close to their financial partners and to major utilities and government agencies such as pacific gas and electric, our san francisco public utilities commission, our california public utilities commission as well as the environmental protection agencies. we are now home to more than 35 solar companies and five of the top 10 solar module manufacturers in the world have their offices here in s
the baseballs, there might be no financial crisis. >>> meanwhile, somewhere in america, a deranged woman you probably worked with is now writing her first love letter to ariel castro in prison despite the fact he slut shamed his victims during sentence. we'll uncover the slut shaming from rush limbaugh to castro on tonight's f bomb. today is the birthday of the late jerry garcia, also the birthday of my favorite rapper, public enemy leader chuck d and coolio is 50. how did that happen? i mention the musical artists today because mtv has a birthday they launched on this date in 1981 when the letters in their logo stood for music television. they dropped the words music television in 2010 proving once and for all that mtv now stands for nothing. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening, friends, i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." white house officials and democrats in both houses screamed from the rooftops about how bad sequestration would be. after the g.o.p. rammed it through both houses and john boehner boasted he got 98% of what he wanted, republicans said and i'm paraphrasing here
, particularly at bank of america. that failure rate recently, sources inside bank of america. the failure rate of that basic test. this is like, you know, apples and oranges. very basic stuff. if you want to be an investment banker you have to know basic things. first-year students that come out of the best schools, steady business. the failure rate from what we have from and source -- sources inside bank of america has grown from 30% last year to 40% this year. that is huge. we have heard from other sources of other banks that the failure rates have been increasing. now, they have one year to pass before they blow you out. this is kind of an interesting trend. i can tell you that before the 2008 financial crisis wall street was the place that everyone wanted to go, the best and brightest. a place where you made a lot of money. are you kind of felt good but yourself. what we're seeing now is the reverse trend in terms of recruiting. wall street according to the statistics is not getting the best recruits. they are getting, you know, a lower tier recruit, not across the board, based on the aver
of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to five requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from illinois rise? mr. shimkus: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend. the speaker: without objection. mr. shimkus: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to remember and recall the life of carla anderson. carla passed away on july 23, after a month-long fight against an infection. she was 52, a loving mother, devoted wife and deputy executive director of the next generation 911 institute. it was in this capacity that i had the privilege of working with her. technology continued to move forward, congresswoman anna eshoo and i worked closely as part of the congressional e-911 congress. she was part of legislation passed by congress to advance 911 services. in so doing, many lives have been saved. as first responders throughout the country could not on
with paula broadwell, he is reinventing himself in america's media capital, taking a teaching gig. >> life doesn't stop with such a mistake and can and must go on. >> reporter: petraeus joins a long line of officials who were involved in scandals. public reasonings expert has covered everyone to -- take immediate responsibility. apologize to the right people, his wife and the american people. and remove yourself from controversy, meaning don't fight to stay on as cia director. it didn't hurt that the president granted petraeus a graceful exit. >> he has provided this country an extraordinary service. >> what could be a more attractive thing than that kind of sendoff. >> reporter: but his past hasn't been perfect. he was set to make $150,000 for teaching students three hours a week. >> my initial reaction was outrageous. >> reporter: the doctor says most would get $3,000 for teaching that seminar, and the school's mission is to provide an affordable session. >> once again, it's how he is quick on his feet. i would say before the ink was dry on that first story there was no story. >> reporte
rate. that's right around generational lows. that seems to me-- >> that's correct. >> america is not working. >> yeah, no, i mean, what we saw several years ago is for young americans, 18 to 29, this type of thing happening where you saw people dropping out of the work force and their unemployment levels over 16%. the labor force participation number is a key number because it's those americans who are going back to work or who have been on the sidelines who want to go back and participate in the work force. when you have a number that far down at 1979 levels, it's not a sign of success and there's nothing to cheer about less americans going to work. it's not a solid report when you have a number like that. >> i've got two bright spots here, number one, the unemployment rate for women went down significantly, and the unemployment rate for african-americans down significantly. those i think you'll agree are bright spots, yeah? >> absolutely. anytime an american goes to work, that's a good thing. and to see lowering numbers, especially in the categories with women and african-am
are an undocumented worker in america, you are a captive. >>female farm workers empowered to speak out. >> frontline correspondent lowell bergman, in collaboration with univision and the center for investigative reporting, investigate. >> no one's ever been charged for rape or assault? >> no. >> tonight, "rape in the fields." frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information is available at additional funding is provided by the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. and by the frontline journalism fund, with grants from jon and jo ann hagler on behalf of the jon l. hagler foundation. and scott nathan and laura debonis. >> lowell bergman: there are over a half-million women working in the fields of america. most are undocumented immigrants. this is a story about the price many women pay t
to face, the kidnapping case that captivated america, three girls, kidnapped and finally free. tonight, one of the last victims of ariel castro, say. >> and it almost didn't get made, and rocked our world. seven emmy awards later, the end is near for breaking bad. so what is next in store for our chemistry teacher turned math-maker. >>> and what is sure to send your tail ing. some get puppy pals, and everyone is on their best behavior. >> keep it r >>> from new york city, this is "nightline." with terry moran. >>> hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us tonight. the horrors they endured are unimaginable. and only they can really ever know what went on in that house. but for the three women held captive by ariel castro, today was a day of catharis and relief. now it is his turn to be a prisoner, but before he was shut away forever, his victims got a chance to say their piece. here is abc's alex perez. >> reporter: he is perhaps one of the most evil men in america, but before ariel castro was sent away to serve his life plus a thousand years, one of his victims had a chance to conf
with pakistan and america's uneasy ally calling for an end to drone strikes on its soil. pakistan and the u.s. are opening the dialogue. this relationship has been strainve t u.s. drone program and what the u.s. believes is pakistan's half hearted approaching to cracking down in their borders. secretary of state john kerry is suggesting the program could be winding down adding most of the threat has been eliminated. kerry also said that he believes president obama has a real time line for ending the striem. remarks the state department walked back. u.s. drone strikes killed 8 suspected militants in pakistan. >>> we know it's been a while since we've seen edward snowden. we've gotten a picture of edward snowden. he's a legal resident of russia. he's been granted temporary asylum by moscow. that will allow him to remain in that country for at least a year. yesterday snowden was seen leaving the moscow airport where he was stranded for more than a month. the website wikileaks says he remains with legal advisor sarah harrison and is currently in a secure, confidential location. the u.s. is dema
chiu, he knew that we had to get this done for our great celebration this year which is america's cup. that forced us to have this exciting first phase done. we will talk about a second phase later. i know supervisor chiu is going to welcome you all to his district. he's working very hard with me. we meet every week and he is constantly reminding me about the second phase of this and that, all the investments we have to make. i have already heard it, three times in fact last month and we are working together for the next phase. we have to take this moment to celebrate because without this recognition of how we got here already. it shouldn't take six years but it did. i need to thank a lot of people for that effort. six years of planning with the planning department and working out so many inclusionary meetings with everybody to make sure all of our agencies, the mta and office of economic development and the staff have been wonderful, but it takes a long time for something incredibly potentially interruptive to everything we were able to work through it. sometimes things take a little
that is the case for a higher wage. what is the case against. >> only in america can our politicians bemoan a livable wage for getting alot of folks would be grateful for any wage. >> people are not in poverty because they are making minimum wage. >> what we are talking about is rewarding mediocrity. >> the first step on the lad certificate not to be comfortable. you're not supposed to be hanging out there. so you double the salary, you turn that rung into a hammock. >> exactly. you remove the incentive. if you raise the minimum wage, people will never stop working in the fast-food industry. they'll get so comfortable in those hot kitchens and in their acrylic uniforms, relaxing in that grease fog selling like processed meat no matter how many showers they take. of course-- (cheers and applause) >> it's luxury. it's luxury. that's his point. kind of. of course he's also going to be business for the same stupid stuff on television industry. well, not some of an industry as a company. but when you think about it-- when you think about it, if you think abouting it, they actually work very much
it is america's weakness, we're showing we're afraid of al qaeda, closing embassies. on the other hand, god forbid another attack happens and we weren't prepared and didn't vacate some people and heard these threats, a lot of us at this table would say we should have closed embassies. we have assets and fast response teams in spain, bahrain, italy, the marine expeditionary unit in the middle east ready to go. this is clearly by the size and scope of it, 21 embassies, 4 consulates, the scope of this tells you there's a credible threat. this is going to be something that they believe in nature, al qaeda and arabian peninsula likely. maybe it wasn't a bad idea to close some of these. >> it does, andrea, seem overbroad. maybe they have reason to because they have enough chatter to know something is going on, not sure, perhaps it is a way to draw out the terrorists, trying to figure out, pinpoint who it is. >> i hope that's it. it is one of two things. one, the threat is credible, it is serious, and the reason for the silence could be that this administration just a couple weeks ago during memor
to the americas, but creatures that will die rather than in retreat. >> title date we will stop the spread of the african bees. >> moving through florida headed for georgia. killer bees now number more than 1 trillion and will soon be headed your way. john: whatht are we going to do? let's ask this man who is on the animal planet show the removal specialists, a mike mollica burger should we be scared of the killer bees? >> i would not be any more afraid than being struck by lightning. john: but they are investing in moving north? >> when they were released from brazil in 1957 they spread at a rate to 300 miles per year. john: and experimental went wrong? >> they were taken from africa and brought to brazil to create a better be to more resistant to the pathogens a create better honey and it was an accidental release from one of the assistance that allowed these into the of wild where they spread rapidly nooth in six states right now. john: there more dangerous because they don't is -- get discouraged and will chase you furthhr? period this is true in the measurement compared to the europea
a cruise around the bay. as emirates team new zealand, here's america's cup ceo steven barkley on the latest for the challengers. >> and now, what do we see? we see artemis out on the water and we look forward to luna rossa in a match which really people think is going to be close. >> reporter: in all of this action ahead in august, one of the three challengers will face oracle team usa. the america's cup organizers know how the bay area looks to its sport to be part of a larger event. >> one. things we've learned is how san francisco wants to enjoy events such as this. and we're seeing it again now. in the last sort of two or three weeks, we've noticed that the whole tone has changed. as we've seen the tourists and the boaters voting with their ç feet. >> reporter: with no teams competing on the bay, the america's cup park will still be open for a variety of activities. i'm laurence sc >>> all right, so we can still go out there and watch the boats, even though there's not official competition. >> and you know who's been doing that? jeff ranieri. >>> the great thing people d
. and this was a six-year-old when he came to america. this is him now. elaine quijano on how an afghan boy got his childhood back. uijaw captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. this is the "cbs evening news" wi >> schieffer: good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm bob schieffer. three young women were held captive for a decade in a dilapidated cleveland house where they were repeatedly raped and abused. but ariel castro, the man who pleaded guilty to the crime, said today it was everybody's fault but his and claimed the women were actually happy. judge michael russo was not convinced. he sentenced castro to life in prison without parole, plus 1,000 years. dean reynolds is at the courthouse. >> reporter: a shackled ariel castro scanned the courtroom today for a familiar face. there was at least one, michelle knight, one of the three women he imprisoned in his home fair decade of sexual and emotional brutality. she told the court and castro what it was like living in that house with its windows boarded up, trip alarms on the doors, the heavy chains, the pole th
. >> these people have the best health care coverage in america, people in administration on capitol hill give themselves everything. of course they don't want to go to something. >> you know what, they are not the only people that feel this way. look at the union. you know what the health bill is? you ever go to the gas station late at night and that rotating machine of hot dogs and that one hot dog, that is the health care bill. everybody looks at the hot doll and they go i'm not eating that hot dog. >> you take it. >> i do take it but for other reasons. health care is hated by everybody and nobody wants to admit it. obama nominated john as the new head of the irs. he is an expert in turning this institution around because it is in need of reform. why would you need reform if it was a phony scandal. apparently, it is not a phony scandal. calling the irs a phony scandal is like calling ariel castro a misunderstood boyfriend. >> i think i liked you better with the shades yesterday. >> shutup. >> here is the deal. the union will help get obama care pushed through. now they don't want to be part
in america. and that voting right is so precious. and we saw just a month ago or less than a month ago how we revisited how valuable that voting rights is, and all the sacrifices that heroes of this country had to protect that right for everybody. we want everybody to enjoy that because that gets you a voice and all the things we initially talked about. we want citizens to have a proper rich orientation and training classes that will conduct -- that will be conducted through this initiative, nonpartisan voting, the rights to vote, the right to be educated around every ballot measure that we have, whether it costs you more money or it doesn't cost you anything, or how do we improve muni, whether it costs you more or doesn't cost you anything. how do we do all of that in a much more involved way? education, outreach, more engaging new citizens to mentor and help other eligible immigrants navigate the citizenship application process. we think this is our next big challenge, but opportunity just beyond the work that we did which was groundwork to get people counted. and i said earlier, our divers
in alex rodriguez playing for the new york yankees, the biggest professional sports team in north america, is not a good look. i think that's what major league baseball is most afraid of. bud selig in particular. >> that's why we're spending so much time talking specifically about a-rod. i'm glad you guys have mentioned the other members, talking about other people that are also suspended. which teams will actually be impacted the most at the end of all of this? >> well, i think the yankees, for one, because the big deal that other teams are worried about is if his contract is completely wiped off the books, that brings him down beneath the $189 million luxury tax threshold. if that gets reset, the yankees, who are already the biggest leviathan in all of baseball, are going to be able to spend again. the texas rangers are the other team. nelson cruz hit 25 home runs in year, been really the most consistent hitter in that lineup. he has a chance to be suspended. at this moment he's weighing, does he take it now, serve his games and become a free agent this offseason with a relatively clean
in any other congressional district in america. so i got back to my office, thinking i had delivered one of the best speeches on insects ever made, and my staff said joe, in about two minutes you just reinforced in the minds of all americans what we have a problem with in south alabama. >> that's an honest guy. next up, he's the most interesting guy in the world, at least on tv that is. since his first appearance on american television in 192006, the man has been an advertising icon. most are familiar are the bearded gentleman's feats of strength, daring adventures and debonair charm. but the actor who plays this hemingwayesque character jonathan goldsmith has taken on another real life after you world joining clear path international that aids survivors of landmine and bomb accidents. here he is in vietnam talking about the group. >> these are live bombs in a moment or two, we're going to blow them up. >> i'm here in vietnam to meet with bomb accident survivors being helped by a very special group. clear path international. sadly, millions of bombs left over from that conflict continue
america. nearly 500 ships would travel these waters every year, carrying coal to the other side of the pacific. asia consumes more coal than rest of the world combined. in the next three years, countries there are expected to double the amount of coal they import today. that soaring demand spells opportunity for u.s. companies, according to bob waters, director of business development for s.s.a. marine. our particular project, gateway pacific terminals, when built and fully operational at full capacity, would generate approximately $5.5 billion in foreign monies infused back into the u.s. economy. >> reporter: this possibility has placed the northwest in the middle of a controversial debate: should the region build export terminals that would open lucrative markets for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel? as the nation's economy continues to struggle, can the country afford not to? gillette, wyoming lies in the heart of the nations largest coal mining region. one out of every six people here works for the coal industry. people like phil dillinger. mining has provided a steady salar
decades in the making under way in avian species staking claim to the americas, but creatures that will die rather than in retreat. >> title date we will stop the spread of the afrin bees. >> moving through florida headed for georgia. killer bees now number more than 1 trillion and will soon be headed your way. john: whatht are we going to do? let's ask this man who is on the animal planet show the removal specialists, a mike mollica burg should we be scared of the killer bees? >> i would not be any more afraid than being struck by lightning. john: but they are investing in moving north? >> when they were released from brazil in 1957 they spread at a rate to 300 miles per year. john: and experimental went wrong? >> they were taken from africa and brought to brazil to create a better be to more resistant to the pathogens crteetter honey and it was an accidental release from one of the assistance that allowed these into the of wild where they spread rapidly nooth in six states right now john: there more dangerous because they don't is-- get discouraged and will chase you furthhr
>>> good morning, america. high alert. the terror threat right now, causing a mass closing of many of america's largest embassies around the world. more than a dozen closing their doors this weekend, as officials try to figure out the exact target at this hour. >>> the emotional and dramatic showdown between a victim and her kidnapper. >> after 11 years, i am finally being heard. >> michelle knight's courageous face-off with the monster who held her captive for more than a decade. how she got through it. and how she's moving forward with her life. >>> and the flash flood emergency in the south. a 5-year-old sucked into this drainpipe. lucky to be alive after being washed 300 yards under an entire neighborhood. these camp counselors rescued when this stream became a raging river in just seconds. and there's more rain on the way. ♪ let's go >>> and let's go! the sun is shining here for "gma's" huge party in the park. r&b superstar, ne-yo, rocking the stage live in central park, right now. >>> if i didn't know any better, i'd guess robin and george were there in that crowd right now
the expert has to say. >> we will check with josh for a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good friday morning. were more now on the threat to american embassies and consulates in a dozen predominantly muslim countries, with officials doing everything possible to fined -- find out what the target is. the embassies have been shut down across the middle east and we will have much more on this next right here on "good morning america" next. >> that is in half an hour. >> in the last 20 minutes the food and drug administration announced new regulations for foods labeled "gluten free," carrying the label they must have less than 20 parts more president of -- parts per million. it is now a nearly $1 billion business and the f.d.a. is giving the food industry a year to comply. >> the all stars beginning the quest for a little league world series and is in san bernardino for the western regionals after boating santa cruz. they left for southern california on tuesday and the all stars play arizona state champions today at 4:00, and face teams from maui, utah, and southern california on s
and reporting over the race situation in the last two weeks. later on putin america. later on putin america. what should are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool only from progressive. >> bill: continuing now with our lead story, solutions to the problem of black crime and poverty in america. joining us now from new orleans, democratic strategist james carville. let's go one by one on my four major proposals to president obama, and i think we have got to shake them up to get them to pay attention to this. it's now been five years and he really hasn't paid attention to it. i understand the economy and the terrorism and all of that. i got it. but, now it's center stage. all right, first of all. school vouchers in the poor precincts to give the parents that care a
on to latin america that offered him permanent asylum. he worked on contract as an intelligence analyst for the national security agency. he told the guardian newspaper and other media that agents collect private internet and phone data. they defended the surveillance programs saying they prevented terrorist attacks. spokes purposes for the russian presidential office said the decision grant asylum will not affect relations with the u.s. the white house press secretary was less clear cut. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our clear and lawful requests to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. >> he said president barack obama would attend the g-20 summit in st. petersburg in september, but the president may cancel a meeting with the russian president. snowden released a statement on the wikileaks website and said over the past eight weeks, the obama administration has shown no respect for international or domestic law. he said in the end the law is winning. reporters at the guardian are taki
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google owned motor role and david muir has the details. >> first smart phone made in america. kilometer off the line and we are the first to see it. >> where would these phones have been made before. >> they would have been made in china before. >> now being made here. >> right here in ft. worth. >> they argue it make business sense now to make the new smart phone here. shipping cost from china slashed and wages in china rising. >> air force veteran looking for work no longer. >> next thing you know it was boom boom pop. >> now you are running the place. >> assembly line already. at the factory. >> this is where you make phon phone. >> still hiring. 2000 job by the end of august. 2000 new jobs in factory actually built 20 years ago. originally for the old school cell phone. those jobs and out source to china. >> factory went dark. >> absolutely went dark. >> in fact look at this tonigh tonight. last phone made in america. this thing look like it belong in the smithsonian. >> old motorola side by side with the new 1. >> slight upgrade. >> we wonder what about all the tiny parts.
to continue to make employer contributions to their health plan. basically law americas and congressional staffers. they say a number of senators reportedly expressed concern over hike in healthcare costs due to the implementation of obama care. they don't want to get crushed by the change of benefits. this as the irs chief tells congress he would rather stick with his current healthcare plan. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you are enforce. >> to speak for myself i prefer to stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through the change. >> he is planning one of a number of votes to continue to chip away at obama care. this time to prevent the irs from implementing the law really showing lack of approval of the agency in the wake of the allegations. at the same time the president has made it a permanent irs commissioner. white house officials say former freddie mac chairman has the experience to resort confidence in the agency. >> elizabeth prann in washington. thanks. >>> a fox business
snorkeling in hawaii survived a shark attack. her terrifying encounter with a 25' shark. now america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, looking to be another record day on wall street, markets kickoff with a series of records, the dow and s&p 500 all-time highs and the nasdaq also up sharply and all three indices are up 20 percent for the year. you can expect today's trading to be influenced by the government july jobs report. stock futures were higher overnight. growing number of millennials living with mom and dad, 21 million, since march of 2012, and 36 percent of 18 to 31-year-olds moved back home, the highest in four decades. research shows coffee at mcdonald's and dunkin' donuts is not as strong as starbucks with 20 milligrams of caffeine nothing compared to death wish a staggering 54.2 grams per ounce. drink at your own risk. that is >> covering petaluma and southeast altos and all bay area. >> a look at san francisco as the weekend begins and mike is looking at the forecast and leyla gulen is tracking the commute on this friday morning and we are all watching o
america to contact them. and i'll be happy to certify in any way possible. thanks again for carrying this legislation >> thank you. any additional public comments? >> good afternoon supervisors i'm steven. i'm a concerned citizen of san francisco county. i've lived here for 55 years and i'm disturbed about what happens over the park. a couple of saturdays ago we had 3 banners from papers above us so this is corporate sky graffiti. and we're very concerned about the impact of tourism too. this city is progressive but when it has an impact of its beans flying over the city we're concerned about the air and noise and visual pollution. what's the impact upon our bird population let alone the human population. i'm in support of the baen and the elimination of all banners flying over san francisco county. this is getting a little bit ridiculous. the americans are taking 35 bits of advertising and if we can't look at the beautiful of the golden gate bridge we're not a beautiful city. i thank you for taking my testimony and i hope that san francisco has a better tomorrow >> thank you very
is pretty simple stuff. if you can't burn it in america, put it on a train, ship it over to china or india. so, we got market forces. and against that we have to marshal intelligence and collaboration and political response, because this stuff is serious. and the fact that people aren't worried about it and don't talk about it doesn't mean it isn't serious. and that's the insidious character of this -- of this challenge, that some people know about it, 90, 97% of the scientists who deal in climate science all agree that when it comes to doing something it takes leadership. and not just political leadership, but business leadership, church leadership, academic leadership. and that's the context, i believe, in which you have come together. you're focusing on solar energy. that's a big piece. there's plenty of sun out there to take care of our energy. it's going to take time. it's going to take technology. it's going to take scientific breakthroughs, research, and development. and it's going to take storage. and it's going to take various insebastianvv stifle. just in california you have some
to live in russia until he can secure permanent asylum in latin america. some countries there have offered to take him in. >>> supporters of ousted president morsi have heard the warnings, but are refusing to back down. leaders are telling them to in their sit ins, but ty're planning to fill the steets after friday prayers. morsi supporters have been staging sit ins and two squares in the capital. military commanders pushed morsi out of office a month ago and installed a new government. interior ministry officials have warned the demonstrators to leave the squares. leaders have instructed security authorities to prepare to lead the protesters. the leaders of muslim brotherhood are still calling for large scale rallies. supporters of the president have been streaming into the squares. they have placed sandbags at the entrances, men wearing helmets and carrying sticks stand on guard. >> translator: we are staging a peaceful protest. we are willing to risk our lives for democracy. military commanders and security forces have used vehicles. some units are about one kilometer from the squares.
to ramadan. >> why do they have affiliates going after america? what's the hallmark that al qaeda could be behind the threats? >> they have shown the desire and ability to go after u.s. targets abroad. they were behind the plot that the cia thwarted a year ago. they're also believed to be behind those cargo packages that were shipped to chicago synagogues with exemployeesive material. that group has shown the ability and desire to attack targets overseas. that's what the intelligence is pointing. >> jill, what can people do? how can they protect themselves sns. >> they have to be very ware of their surroundings. they have to know that the american embassieembassies, the post-closures. you can go on to the website of the state department and find them. those embassies and consulates will be closed. in emergencies they might be able to provide something but you're not going to ghet there. one of the reasons the state department is pointing out is they do not want people and this would be foreign nationals standing in line waiting to get visas. it could be an invitation for a potential att
's deputy charged with bank robbery was back in court. he's accused of ronning a bank of america -- robbing a bank of america branch. this week, he was also arrested on a charge of felony grand theft of a firearm. the district attorney's office told us today they will file a motion next month to have the two cases consolidated. prosecutors say they believe the two matters are related but would not give details. >>> solano county has confirmed the first human case of west nile virus. a fairfield man developed the virus after he may have been bitten by a mosquito. they say the man in his 60s is back at home after being in the hospital for a few days. there have been five you human cases of west nile avoice the state this year. one person -- across the state this year. one person has died as a result of the disease. >>> well, on this friday afternoon we have a little warmup, especially aday from the coast, mainly inland areas. north bay, east bay, coast about the same, same for the bay. we're seeing mostly sunny skies. there's some fog kind of hanging on. a lot of it was getting brushed north
in america's crippling meth epidemic. (laughter) science can now grow teeth from stem cells found in ur-- urine so careful next time your dentist says open wide. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> welcome to the report. thank you. for joining us. ladies and gentlemen, it's incredible. do you feel the energy! do you feel the power at my fingertips? these people ready to fight for freedom. folks, thank you so much. thank you so much. please, sit down, everybody. i'm sorry, that kind of love. i had to stand there i thought somebody was carving me for a monument. now nation for the last month i have been hot on the trail of nsa leaker edward snowden. he has eluded authorities by hiding out in a moscow airport. i knew we should have signed an extra decision treaty with au bon pain. well now, folks, this cybertraiter has flown the airport. more than a month after landing atmos you could's airport ed s
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